This is a conceptual design prospect made for the purpose of exploring the possibility of visualizing everyday actions.
My role - Concept, UX/UI design

Today, everything we do is being monitored, often with corresponding numbers to represent our actions. For example the number of steps taken per day is measured with a specific number, where the infamous 10,000 steps mark is well known.

What if we, instead of using numbers to represent our actions, use visualization to show us what kind of actions we've taken part of as of lately?

Conceptual design

The actions I'd like to focus on are actions that are important to everyday life. Such as, movement and energy consumption.

Each type of action would correspond to a specific form of visualization and how it would be realized would be directly decided by the everyday actions done by the user.

Action mapping

One challenge is how to map a form of action to a visualization and how it would change depending on the amount of the action.

To make the visualizations interesting is crucial to the outcome of the design.

I decided to let colors and activity on the screen correspond to changes in action.


The movements would be visualized using colors ranging from darker, representing little movement, to lighter, representing a lot of movement.

The amount of movemement would also be represented by the amount of randomized dots drawn on the screen.

Energy consumption

The Energy consumption would also be visualized using colors but this time ranging from green, representing low energy consumption, to red, representing high energy consumption.

The number of dots on the screen would here correspond to the amount of energy consumption from the user.